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SANAA, The US-Saudi aggression coalition’s warplanes hovered on August 8, 2016, on Saturday afternoon, over the sky of the capital Sanaa and monitoring the crowd of people who came to offer condolences of al-Ruwaishan family’s funeral ceremony in the great hall.
The Saudi-led aggression warplanes waged raids consecutively on the hall turning the mourning of al- Ruwaishan’s funeral into a funeral of entire Yemen, in one of the most bloodiest crimes of the era that claimed hundreds of martyrs and wounded.
“Initial reports from health officials in Sanaa indicate over 140 people were killed and over 525 injured, according to the UN OCHA.”
Mothers, wives, and children of victims were gathering before the doors of hospitals in search of a ray of hopes of the lives of their loved ones.
October 8th marked the fourth anniversary of the unprecedented ‘Grant Hall Massacre’ while the aggression coalition continues to cross all red lines that does not differentiate between houses, funerals, and weddings in full-fledged war crimes.
An unimaginable tragedy and a tragedy whose chapters tell the fall of the world conscience and the concepts, laws, and charters of human rights that the Saudi coalition will punish for in the future.
Despite the complicity of international law with the aggression coalition that turns Yemen into an arena for its brutal crimes, the war against Yemen is no longer forgotten, even if the international community continues to be deliberately absent and silent.
The commemoration of this heinous crime represents a message to the US-Saudi aggression coalition that the Yemeni people and the free people of the world will not forget mourners’ bombing in the grand hall and other crimes committed against the Yemeni people.
So the memory of the massacre will continue to hunt down the murderers, the blood that has been shed is enough to bring down the thrones of the aggressors and attackers.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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