The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issues a statement on measures taken in response to provocations by the Armenian armed forces illegally stationed in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that on September 19, the Armenian Armed Forces stationed in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan resorted to a number of military provocations and large-scale terrorist attacks.

She added, “As a result of the explosion of landmines planted by Armenian sabotage groups on the Ahmadbeyli-Fuzuli-Shusha road with the aim of terrorizing people, civilians and soldiers from the internal forces of the Ministry of the Interior were killed and wounded.” Moreover, units of the Azerbaijani army came under fire with mortars and small arms. As a result, two soldiers of the Azerbaijani army were injured.”

She continued: Azerbaijani army units revealed the fortification of positions and units that the Armenian Armed Forces raised to a high level of combat readiness.

She noted that limited-scale anti-terrorism measures have been launched in the region to prevent possible large-scale provocations by the Armenian Armed Forces located in the Karabakh Economic Region, and to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Tripartite Statement, as well as the disarmament and withdrawal of units of the Armed Forces of Armenia from the territory of Azerbaijan, and the neutralization of its military infrastructure. , ensuring the safety of the peaceful civilian and military population participating in the restoration and construction work carried out in the region and restoring the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Source: International Islamic News Agency