Thousands Of Houthi-Laid Landmines Detonated In Western Yemen

ADEN, Thousands of landmines laid by the Houthi rebels were detonated by explosives experts, in Yemen's western coast area on Tuesday.

Nearly 6,325 mines and explosives were detonated, by a team of the Saudi Landmine Clearance Project, in the country's western coast area, a military official said.

Detonating the dismantled Houthi-laid mines came, after coordination with the Saudi-led Arab coalition and the Yemeni government, he added.

Experts of the Saudi mine-clearing project are still continuing their operations, along Yemen's western coast areas and in Hodeidah, the official noted.

Large swathes of Yemen have been swamped by randomly-planted landmines, posing a lingering threat to the lives of citizens across the war-torn country.

According to the UN, thousands of landmines, un-exploded ordnance and other explosive war remnants have been left behind, during the ongoing conflict in Yemen, which has entered its fifth year.

As part of a 40-million-U.S.-dollar initiative, launched by Saudi Arabia, the project aims to remove mines left by Houthi militias, and equip the Yemeni specialists with the skills and resources necessary to clear landmines.

Source: Nam News Network