ADEN, Yemen, Three policemen were killed and five others wounded, in an attack by al-Qaeda militants on a checkpoint, in Yemen's south-eastern province of Hadramout on Monday.

"A group of al-Qaeda assailants attacked a security checkpoint, of the Armoured Brigade, in Hadramout's historic city of Shibam. As a result, three policemen were killed and five others injured," the officer said.

The al-Qaeda attackers also exchanged heavy gunfire with security personnel in the area for about one hour.

Elsewhere in Yemen, a high-ranking official of Yemen's Interior Ministry, survived an assassination attempt, in which unknown gunmen opened fire at his motorcade, in Aden province, on Monday morning.

Al-Qaeda militants have intensified their drive-by attacks on security checkpoints, in the Yemeni southern provinces, as government forces, backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have increased military operations against the group's hideouts, in the war-plagued Arab country.

Yemeni government forces and the UAE armed forces, operating in the southern province of Aden, launched a new anti-terror military offensive, to root out al-Qaeda militants from their strongholds, in neighbouring southern province of Abyan.

The Yemen-based al-Qaeda branch, seen by the United States as the most dangerous terror group, has exploited years of deadly conflict between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels, to expand its presence, especially in Shabwa and Abyan provinces.

UN statistics showed that, more than 8,000 people have been killed in Yemen's conflict, most of them civilians, since the Saudi-led coalition entered the conflict in 2015.


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