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  • Hajjah’s local council discusses Oxfam’s projects

    HAJJAH, The Local Council of Hajjah province discussed, in a meeting held on Wednesday and headed by the Council’s Secretary General Ismail Al-Muhiyam, interventions of Oxfam organization in implementing projects in the province. The meeting, attended by representatives of the organization in Hajjah, reviewed the conditions and needs of the displaced in Abs district and […]

  • South Sudan, Sudan Address Economic Crises

    JUBA / WASHINGTON – South Sudan’s central bank said Friday that it planned to ban the use of foreign currency nationwide to prevent further depreciation of the South Sudanese pound against the U.S. dollar after prices of food and other basic commodities have skyrocketed in recent weeks and months. Juba resident Saida Juan said prices were higher each time […]

  • Acting Chairman of Banks Association praises Central Bank’s procedures

    SANAA, Acting Chairman of the Yemeni Banks Association Mahmoud Qayed Naji called on all financial and banking institutions to abide by the directives of the Central Bank of Yemen to ensure financial and monetary stability and exchange rate stability. In a statement to Saba, the Acting Chairman stated that the measures issued recently by the […]

  • PM calls UN to hold responsibility for seizing oil ships

    SANAA, Prime Minister Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtour renewed his demand to the United Nations and the international community to hold legal and moral responsibility towards the arbitrariness practiced by the Saudi-UAE aggression coalition in detaining ships of oil derivatives. Bin Habtour, during his meeting with Minister of Oil and Minerals, Ahmed Abdullah Daras, noted the […]

  • Oil Company: $101 million fines delaying entry of oil ships

    Oil Company: $101 million fines delaying entry of oil ships SANAA, Oil and Minerals Minister Ahmed Abdullah Dares has renewed a warning of an impending humanitarian disaster in Yemen. The US-Saudi aggression coalition is still hindering the entry of oil ships into Hodeidah port, causing and threatening several vital sectors, particularly the health sector to […]

  • Water projects worth nearly 2 bln riyals opened in Mahweet

    MAHWEET, Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development Affairs Dr. Hussein Maqboli and Minister of Water and Environment Nabil al Wazir on Saturday inaugurated 30 projects in the field of water and environmental sanitation in Mahweet province at a total cost of 803,103,000 riyals. These projects, financed by donors, cover the needs of the population […]

  • Local authority of Taiz allocates 200 mln for maintenance of cleaning equipment

    TAIZ, The local authority in Taiz province has allocated over 200 million riyals for the rehabilitation and maintenance of equipment belonging to the Cleaning and Improvement Fund and the Office of Public Works and Roads, which number 20 heavy-duty equipment. Executive Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in the province Talal al-Sofi said that […]

  • Acting Supreme Economic Committee: UN envoy mislead about Hodeidah seaport revenues

    SANAA, The Acting Chairman of the Higher Economic Committee, Central Bank Governor Hashem Ismail confirmed, on Monday, the fallacies contained that Griffiths turned against Stockholm agreement by justifying it to prevent the entry of oil derivatives. The Acting Chairman of the Higher Economic Committee said in an interview with Almasirah newspaper that “Griffiths deliberately presented […]

  • Cereals Corporation collects 60 tons of seeds of local varieties

    SANAA, The General Corporation for Development and Production of Cereals collected 60 tones of local seeds for various grain crop varieties of cereal crops last year. The Corporation’s executive director Eng. Ahmed al-Khalid told Saba that the Corporation is currently operating to multiply types and varieties of seeds so as to preserve them as genetic […]

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