• News in Brief (PM)

    Nearly 5 million people in Burundi food insecure

    Around 4.6 million people in Burundi are food insecure and close to 600,000 of them require urgent food aid, the World Food …

  • Fixing Yemen’s aid problem

    SANA'A/LONDON, 15 December 2015 (IRIN) - The last time the warring parties in Yemen had a go at a ceasefire, it lasted no more than a few hours. This, combined …

  • Swine flu leaves two dead
    National Yemen

    Malnutrition … Danger Threat Yemeni Childhood

    Six new cases of swine flu – including two resulting deaths – have been reported in Ibb governorate.

    Dr. Abdullah Murshed Mohsen, Director of

  • Eradicating qat, one day at a time
    National Yemen

    Faithfully eradicating Qat tree in Haraz

    By Jihan Anwar

    Qat consumption in Yemen is widely-discussed. It has become a mainstay of gatherings and is likely the most popular social activity

  • Turkish medical delegation visits Yemen
    National Yemen

    Turkish Medical Delegation Visiting Yemen

    By: Asma Al-Mohattwari

    With sponsorship from the Turkish Embassy in Sana’a, a Turkish medical team held a press conference at Sheba Hotel as part of …

  • Enraged students shut down Medicine College
    National Yemen

    Students Protesting at Sana’a University

    By NY Staff

    Dozens of angry students demanding the suspension of the Medicine College’s Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Amat Al-Salam Mehras caused the college …

  • Sana’a undergoes major makeover on 12/12/12
    National Yemen

    As Yemen’s 2011 Youth Revolution gradually wound down, leaving Sana’a in need of rehabilitation and recovery, the capital city has witnessed a surge in volunteer efforts by both male and

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