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US President Donald Trump has said his country is seeking to protect the Kurds it has allied with in Syria to fight a militant organization but its troops can not stay there forever.

Trump said during a meeting with members of his administration at the White House on Wednesday that "the United States wants to protect the Kurds" even in spite of the withdrawal of its troops from Syria.

At the same time, he stressed that he did not want the United States troops to remain in this country forever.

In this context, Trump pointed out that the completion of the withdrawal of US troops from Syrian territory will require a "certain period of time", while the White House master denied that he gave the Pentagon 4 months to accomplish this task.

The United States announced, on December 19 last, in statements issued by both the White House and the Pentagon, the start of the withdrawal of its troops from Syria by a decision of Trump following what it described as the overthrow of the organization "Daesh" in this Arab country, in a move criticized by large circles of politicians As well as Washington's international allies, especially Israel.

The announcement also faced angry attitudes from the "Syrian Democratic Forces", whose Kurdish fighters are the backbone of the country and the United States has cooperated with it as its main ally against the "Al-Qaeda" organization in Syrian territory.

The "Syrian Democratic Forces" described the move as a "back stab", which coincided with preparations by the Turkish army for a new military operation in Syrian territory against Kurdish militants whom Ankara regards as terrorists.

Under these criticisms, Trump said on December 31 that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria will be slow. "We are slowly returning home to be with their families in conjunction with the pursuit of a terrorist," he said.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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