Two Yemeni Civilians Killed By Houthi Sniping

ADEN, Two Yemeni civilians were killed on Saturday, during a sniping operation carried out by the Houthis, in the southern province of Dhale.

The local security source, said that, a Houthi sniper killed two civilians near their house, in the northern parts of Dhale, where fighting is still taking place.

The Houthi operation was apparently aimed at the pro-government soldiers, positioned in the area of Qataba.

The killed civilians were passing near a village, that's witnessing armed confrontations between pro-government forces and the Houthis, he added.

In Apr, the Houthi fighters launched a series of intense armed attacks on the positions of Yemeni government forces and succeeded in seizing the district of Al Husha in the west of Dhale.

The areas in the north and west of Dhale, 138 km north of Aden, have been witnessing non-stop fighting between government forces and Houthi fighters for about four years.

Source: NAM News Network