JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, The UN is rapidly losing its credibility because of what experts say are its one-sided and questionable reports on the situation in Yemen.

“The problem is simple: The Houthis form only two to three percent of the Yemeni population, and yet these Iranian-supported militias are holding the entire country hostage at the point of a gun,” Dr. Hamdan Al-Shehri, a Riyadh-based Saudi political analyst and international relations scholar, told Arab News.

“The UN and the world community have become silent spectators to the crimes being committed by the Houthis and the mercenaries of (ousted President) Ali Abdullah Saleh,” he said.

He reminded the UN that Resolution 2216 is very clear. “It calls for three specific things: That Houthis should end the illegitimate occupation of Sanaa and other cities and return to where they came from; that they should hand over their weapons; and that they should become part of the political solution,” said Al-Shehri.

None of these conditions have been met, he said. “The only countries trying to enforce the UN mandate are the Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia. And it is the Arab coalition that is being blamed by the UN.

“The UN and the world community have become silent spectators,” he said, pointing out that the Houthis have waged war against the Yemeni state six times in the past. “That is a criminal record in itself.”

He blamed the human rights organisations, affiliated to the UN, for overlooking basic facts: “The Houthis are the aggressors. The situation in Houthi-occupied areas is dire. The Houthis have forced children into the fighting. They are using extortion because they hold all the levers of power. There is no way to find out the atrocities that they have committed in areas under their rule because those areas are inaccessible to UN personnel and human rights organisations.”

Al-Shehri said, it was a travesty that the UN was depending on reports written by the Houthis themselves.

“How can the UN and its affiliate bodies rely on one-sided reports? This defies logic; it is unfathomable. The UN should depend on information provided by the legitimate and internationally recognised government of Yemen,” he said.

The UN was established primarily to support peace and security but the general perception is that since its inception, it has failed to make any positive breakthroughs on Arab and Islamic issues and even on some international conflicts.

“It plays the role of spectator and also plays a major role in breaking the rules and standards for which it was established,” said Al-Shehri.



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