The US, on Friday, revealed that it has killed “six Al-Qaeda operatives” in three air strikes, launched in Yemen last week.

One other “operative” was also injured, the Pentagon’s Central Command (CENTCOM) said, in a statement. It did not explain whether the air strikes were conducted in coordination with the Arab coalition or not.

Two of the six were killed in an air strike in Al Badya Governorate, on June 8, while another two were killed in an air strike in Mareb Governorate, on June 10, CENTCOM said. The last two “operatives” were killed in Shabwah Governorate on June 12.

The US considers Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – the branch based out of Yemen – to be the most dangerous, and sees it as a “significant threat” to both the immediate region and to the US itself, CENTCOM affirmed.

The presence of Al-Qaeda “has a destabilising effect on Yemen, and it is using the unrest in Yemen to provide a haven, from which to plan future attacks against our allies, as well as, the US and its interests,” CENTCOM said.

 Source: Nam News Network