United Nations Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed declared on Thursday the UN had received initial reports about number of detainees, names of whom had been provided by the Yemeni Ansarullah movement and the General People's Congress.

In a statement, the envoy said the issue of prisoners and detainees was a main topic of the inter-Yemeni peace consultations, currently hosted by Kuwait.

The Yemeni government delegation presented the UN with preliminary reports about number of detainees, names of whom were included in documents "provided by the other side and later the reports were exchanged via the UN special envoy's bureau."

Moreover, the prisoners and detainees commission continued discussing a draft of principles and action with aim of reaching a "formula acceptable by all the parties," he elaborated.

Cheikh Ahmed said he met anew, today, GCC Secretary General Abullatif Al-Zayani, discussing proposals for resolving the Yemeni crisis "in a broad manner."

He held talks with participants in the joint workshop, organized by the UN and the European Union, as part of efforts to enforce cessation of fighting in all regions in Yemen.

"Holy Ramadan is approaching while the economic and humanitarian conditions (in Yemen) remain unstable due to the political crisis and the protracted strife," he said.

"The past days witnessed reshuffling of political cards on a lot of issues," he said, adding "a solution might be near though it cannot be simply achieved for it depends on the parties' readiness to give concessions ... and this is what we are working on."

Source: Nam News Network