September 19, 2021

UN Global Perspective: focus on Aleppo, Yemen and internet

Safe passage for humanitarian workers hinders Aleppo aid delivery

Humanitarian workers are as "ready as they possibly can be" to deliver aid to people in eastern Aleppo in Syria, a senior UN official has confirmed. Trucks filled with food and supplies for at least 40,000 people are on stand-by at the last border point between Turkey and Syria. But, Jens Laerke, from the UN humanitarian agency OCHA warns, the parties on the ground have been unable to guarantee a "safe, secure and unhindered" access to the city. A ceasefire in Syria brokered by the US and Russia on 9 September was extended on Wednesday for another 48 hours. Mr Laerke began by describing to Jocelyne Sambira the situation on the ground.

Children dying "silent deaths" in Yemen

Children in Yemen are dying "silent deaths," according to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the country. The recent breakdown of a cessation of hostilities agreement has led to an intensification of fighting in the Gulf state. An increase in civilian casualties has been reported due to the fighting, but many more people are dying as a result of malnutrition. Reem Abaza has been speaking to Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick who's in the capital Sana'a and she began by asking him about the current situation there.

"Fewer women have access to the internet", UN report shows

Lack of internet access for women is growing around the world, raising concerns that it could put at risk the UN's Sustainable Development Goals' pledge to "leave no-one behind", UN data has showed Thursday. The findings appear in a report by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)'s Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development. It found that 3.5 billion people are now online, that's 47 per cent of the global population, as ITU's Philippa Biggs told Daniel Johnson.

Presenter: Dianne Penn

Production Assistant: Sandra Guy

Duration: 10'00?

Source: United Nations Radio.