RIYADH, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that a recent UN plan regarding Yemen is not a final deal, but, instead, an attempt to resume negotiations among Yemeni parties.

Any agreement on Yemen must be based on the three agreed-upon initiatives; the GCC's, National Dialogue outcomes, and UN resolution 2216, Kerry said in a joint press conference with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir in Riyadh.

The United States exerts efforts to reach a political settlement in Yemen, he said, adding that the roadmap states on holding negotiations among all warring Yemeni parties.

Kerry also noted that his country is to continue cooperation with Riyadh in order to achieve peace in Yemen, indicating that the talks he has held with Saudi officials in his current visit aimed at pushing the peace process in Yemen forward.

The US Secretary of State also affirmed his country's strive to end the war in Yemen, calling all Yemeni parties to return to negotiations.

Meanwhile, Kerry condemned the explosions that took place in Yemen Sunday that led to killing and wounding of a number of military men, calling for pushing the peace process forward to stop the violence in Yemen.

On Iran's interferences in the region, Kerry called on Tehran to stop its hostile actions that threaten the region's security and stability, affirming Washington's rejection of Iran's interferences in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen.

He also praised Saudi Arabia's efforts in fighting Daesh, adding that such efforts had a significant impact in limiting the terrorist group's expansion in several areas.

For his part, Al-Jubeir called the international community to take solid measures against Iran to stop its aggressive actions and clear interferes in the interior affairs of the region's countries.

He also reiterated rejection of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), describing it as a danger on the international system that could be utilized as a pretext to sue governments and violate sovereign immunity.

The Saudi minister also called recent reports on US ban on selling arms to the Kingdom as "exaggerated", affirming Washington's support to his country and GCC States through continuing to meet their needs in arms and ammunitions, in addition to logistic services.

He also excluded other reports on his country's attempt to decrease its investments in the US, affirming its intention to increase them, and that his recent visit to Washington aimed at marketing Aramco's shares in the US markets.

Meanwhile, Kerry met with Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Deputy Crown prince and Defense Minister, and discussed regional developments.