UN pledges to help Yemen amid visit by its coordinator to Hodeida

HODEIDA, Mar. 08 (Saba) – New United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator William Gressley has pledged the OCHA is to make all efforts with donors to mobilize funds and continue coordination with the competent leaders to cover Yemen’s humanitarian needs.

During his meeting on Sunday with Hodeida governor undersecretary Ali Qashr, Gressley explained that his visit to Hodeida port aims to be familiar with the most important needs and problems and difficulties experienced by institutions, offices and service agencies under the current situation in Yemen.

“We are aware of what is happening in Yemen and we will intervene in the humanitarian support field,” he said, explaining the role and nature of the tasks assigned to the UN and working to provide urgent needs and requirements for the Yemeni people.

The UN official also appreciated the efforts of the local authority and the leadership of the Red Sea Ports Corporation in providing facilities for the humanitarian organizations operating in Hodeida.

In return, Qashr held the aggression coalition the legal responsibility for using the blockade as a weapon of war against the Yemeni people, calling on the United Nations and its organizations in Hodeida to reveal the aggression’s fact and the siege practiced against the Corporation’s ports.

He said the donors’ conference is nothing but an excuse used by the United Nations to cover the violations and genocide committed against Yemen for seven years, noting that Saudi Arabia and America have crossed all red lines in the war on Yemen.

Hodeida governor undersecretary added the Yemeni people are still relying on the United Nations and its envoy to stop the aggression and lift the blockade on the ports of Hodeida.

He stressed the blockade is a crime and its continuation exposes the countries of aggression and the falsity of their humanitarian discourse, including the international community.

Source: Yemen News Agency