NEW YORK, UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2342 renewing the mandates of Yemen's sanctions committee and the Panel of Experts.

The resolution reaffirmed the need for the "full and timely" implementation of the political transition following the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, in line with the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, and in accordance with Security Council resolutions and with regard to the expectations of the Yemeni people.

Expressing concern at the ongoing political, security, economic and humanitarian challenges in Yemen, including the ongoing violence, and threats arising from the illicit transfer, destabilizing accumulation and misuse of weapons, the Council reaffirmed its intention to keep the situation in Yemen under continuous review.

The 15-member body decided to renew the sanctions committee mandate until February 26th, 2018 as well as extending the mandate of the Panel of Experts until March 28th, 2018.

The Council members reaffirmed its intention to keep the situation in Yemen under continuous review and its readiness to review the appropriateness of the measures contained in this resolution, including the strengthening, modification, suspension or lifting of the measures, as may be needed at any time in light of developments.

Therefore, the UNSC's resolution urged all parties and all Member States, as well as (international, regional and subregional) organizations to ensure cooperation with the Panel of Experts and to ensure their safety. It also urged an unhindered access, in particular to persons, documents and sites, in order for the Panel to execute its mandate.

The UK drafted resolution reiterated its call for all parties in Yemen to adhere to resolving their differences through dialogue and consultation, reject acts of violence to achieve political goals, and refrain from provocation.