September 19, 2021

Vendor’s Union reiterates Dialogue demands

National Yemen

National Yemen

By NY Staff

As political forces ready themselves to participate in the upcoming National Dialogue, the Street Vendors’ Union has continued to demand that their issues and problems be included in the conference’s agenda.

The syndicate recently had an extended meeting with the National Dialogue Technical Committee, with Amin  Juma’an, the Undersecretary of Sana’a’s Municipal and Environmental Sector, in attendance.

Juma’an stated that Sana’a’s administration was paying a lot of attention to the issue of vendors, and was providing them with markets and trying to resolve all their problems.

“It’s important for there to be cooperation between the authorities and the Vendors’ Union when it comes to finding appropriate solutions for their problems,” said Juma’an.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Yemeni Workers’ Union, Ali Ba-Maheseion, stressed the importance of granting rights to vendors, making sure they live decently, and giving them parity in relation to the rest of society, as they amount to many thousands of Yemenis around the country.

Union Chairman Fath Al-Rahman Jassar stated that the meeting’s aim was to help the street vendors by finding alternative markets for them.

“This wide segment of society suffers many rights violations, and so it must be a top priority for the government; in addition, there should be attempts to provide jobs for educated vendors,” said Jassar.

According to Jassar, the vendors’ demands for inclusion in the National Dialogue come as the result of their interest in solving the country’s problems. He also praised efforts by Abdul-Qader Hilal to deal with the vendor’s problems and for attempting to find the best possible solutions.