“victory from Allah” of Yemeni army in Najran: Report

SANAA, The Yemeni armed forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Sare'e, announced a major military operation against the Saudi enemy army called Victory from Allah, in which three military brigades and thousands of captives, including hundreds of Saudi commanders and soldiers, were captured in Najran province.

Brigadier General Sare'e said in a statement that the Yemeni army, backed by the Popular Committees seized large quantities of weapons, including hundreds of military cars and armoured vehicles during the operation named Nasr Min Allah (Victory from Allah).

Sare'e confirmed that thousands of the enemy forces were taken prisoner, while hundreds of others were killed and injured, including large numbers of senior commanders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi army.

After the surrender of thousands of the enemy troops, the Yemeni army and Popular Committees worked on securing them from retaliatory airstrikes by the aggression coalition warplanes that targeted the captives with dozens of raids, the spokesman said.

Under the directives of the leadership, all captives were dealt according to the principles of Islamic religion, and customs and traditions of Yemen and human morals.

The Yemeni armed forces assure all families of captives of all nationalities that they will take further measures to protect them from the targeting of hostile warplanes and deal with them in a humanitarian way to reach a comprehensive exchange deal with the enemies and their traitors and deceives mercenaries.

Hundreds of square kilometers of land were liberated during the operation, he added.

72 hours after the beginning of the operation, our forces fully enforced the siege on the enemy, consisting of three military brigades of traitors and deceived mercenaries with a faction of the Saudi army and they were completely broken and captured and hundreds of long and wide kilometers of the theater of operations were over controlled.

Several specialized units of our armed forces participated in the theater of operations with different missions and within wider geographical areas within the framework of supporting and assisting the military operation, headed by the missile force as well as the guided air force in addition to the air defense forces and the ground forces.

Yahya Sare'e, revealed in a press conference the details of the second phase of the operation victory from Allah against the Saudi army in Najran province too, where the field scenes confirm that the Yemeni forces gained control of three camps belonging to the enemy, including weapons and various military stores, killing and wounding at least 200 enemy's troops.

The Brigadier Sare'e said that the second phase of Operation victory from Allah called the operation of the Martyr Abu al-Hasanain, was launched on September 3, revealing that more than 150 square kilometers of lands were secured and more than 120 armored vehicles were destroyed and seized.

Regarding the participation of the various forces in this operation, the Brigadier pointed out that the missile force carried out six operations in the second phase, most notably the operation in which Najran Airport was hit and that the guided air force conducted 16 operations, including two joint operations with the missile unit and two joint operations with artillery unit, while the air defense was able to carry out 40 operations confronted the Apache helicopters of various kinds.

He noted that the Yemeni armed forces liberated Al-Farea and Al-Sawh district that overlook Najran district in the second phase, pointing out that the aggression air force launched more than 600 raids.

He added that a large group of enemy's forces have been in captivity, including Saudis in the second phase of victory from Allah operation and that the armed forces allowed those involved in the treason of the country to flee to Najran city under the guidance of the leadership.

Sare'e also revealed documents and evidence signed in the hands of the armed forces proving the role of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the fighting among the forces of the aggression coalition.

The Supreme Political Council Calls on the political forces of various segments of society to respond to the calls for comprehensive national reconciliation and political solution.

Every free Yemeni has the right to be of the mounting military achievements, the council pointed out, adding that the operation of victory from Allah and targeting of the facility # Aramco were only the tip of the ice and aimed at deterring the aggression and stop its arrogance.

If the countries of aggression do not prevail for peace, there are extensive preparations for strikes on them and the military and logistical techniques that are within the reach of the Republic of Yemen will achieve, by the assistance of Allah, the greatest victory for all Yemenis.

Sare'e stressed that our military operations will not stop until the cessation of aggression and our armed forces will continue to implement the various stages of operation victory from Allah.

Our valiant army has weapons of deterrence, capable of repulsing the attacks, and those who want to attack our people and confiscate their right to life with dignity will be defeated by the assistance and power of Allah, the armed forces spokesman concluded.

Glory is to the steadfast Yemenis in the face of aggression, invasion and occupation . Mercy is for the martyrs . Healing is for the wounded. Freedom is for the prisoners. The dignity and pride are of our dear Yemeni people and our great Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency