DHAMAR, Staff of the Public Hospital of Dhamar on Wednesday organized a vigil to denounce the media campaign and false news targeting the hospital, patients and medical staff and employees.

A statement issued during the vigil denied categorically the existence of a secret prison under the hospital as promoted by false news and fabrications of the aggression and mercenaries' media.

The participants in the vigil confirmed that the hospital is a civil facility that provides medical and health services to patients in all specialties, and includes more than 200 employees and health and technical staff in all departments.

The statement held the aggression media and those who stand behind them full responsibility for lives of patients and the hospital's staff, calling on all organizations to visit the hospital at any time to refute those rumors and cheap lies.

It called on the United Nations, the Security Council and the international community to take responsibility towards the war crimes committed against the Yemeni people, in a clear violation of the international and humanitarian laws.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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