Vigils in Hodeida renew adherence to steadfastness option in aggression’s face

The directorates of Al-Hodeida province witnessed vigils after Friday prayers to renew the stance of steadfastness in aggression's face, under the slogan "With our steadfastness and patience, we will liberate our land and cleanse our country from the American occupier and its agents."

The participants in the vigils affirmed that the aggression coalition persistence in the siege and violations will not subdue the Yemeni people, or discourage them from continuing steadfastness and making sacrifices in money, men and equipment until the invasion forces and colonialism are expelled.

The speeches of the participants, delivered in the vigils, indicated that Yemen was and will remain a cemetery for the invaders, pointing to the ability of the Yemenis to protect their lands, sovereignty and independence of their country, regardless of the sacrifices.

A statement issued by the endowments called for strengthening the alignment and unity of the home front, based on the faith identity and adherence to the authentic values of the Yemeni people. In a way that enhances public awareness of the dangers that lurk in the country in light of the aggression, siege and conspiracies it is exposed to.

The statement called on the people of the province to prepare for the commemoration of the National Resilience Day and the entry of the Yemeni people into the ninth year of steadfastness in the face of the largest global war , an unparalleled siege in history, and to deliver messages to proceed on the path of struggle until the liberation of every inch of the land of Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency