Wehbe: Hezbollah, FPM responsible for State institutions paralysis

Future bloc member, MP Amin Wehbe said in an interview with Al-Fajr radio station that his political camp supported the speedy election of a President of the Republic "while Hezbollah and the FPM adopted the principle of fabricating problems and presenting themselves as victims in this dossier."

The MP pointed at the country's dramatic economic situation since the beginning of the presidential vacuum, stressing that "both Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement stood behind the disabling of State institutions."

Wehbe accused the two parties of "imposing vacuum, blackmailing the Lebanese, and paralyzing the institutions by force of arms and with the support of Iran."

"The current economic losses in the country exceed those of the nineties when the Zionist occupation existed," he argued.

The Deputy also stressed "the need to confront the forces associated with the Iranian interests," explaining that "wherever Iranians meddled, corruption, destruction and sectarian strife prevailed. Syria is burned, corruption is ravaging Iraq, and Lebanon and Yemen continue to bear the burden and pay the price since the beginning of the Iranian interference in the region."

Source: National News Agency