SANAA, The House of Representatives continued to hold on Wednesday its sessions for the second period of the first half-year of the 14th annual session under the chairmanship o its Speaker, Yahya al-Ra'i.

In this session, the parliament listened to the letter addressed by the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Elections and Referendum, Judge Mohammad al-Salami, and member of the Higher Committee for Elections, Head of the Legal Affairs and Issuance Sector, Judge Ali al-Samtam, to the Speaker of House of Representatives.

The letter pointed out that the Committee had received the memorandum of submitted by the House of Representatives indicating that 34 seats in the House of Representatives in a number of the provinces of the Republic were vacant.

The letter added that the ballot took place in 24 electoral districts and could not be conducted in 10 districts for several reasons.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum attached his letter by revealing those constituencies where the results of the elections resulted in the victory of a number of candidates.

In light of this, the members of the House of Representatives, who won in the elections to fill the vacant seats, sworn in before the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives welcomed the winning members in the elections to fill vacant constituencies, wishing them success in their new tasks.

The parliament listened to the message of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hussein Ali Hazib, read by the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs, Dr. Ali Abdullah Abu Hleika, addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives regarding the apology by the Minister of Higher Education and his deputy for non-presence to answer the questioning addressed to them by the parliament.

In this regard, the parliament rejected this apology after serious and responsible discussions on the matter by members of the parliament.

The parliament had started its session by reviewing the minutes of its previous meeting and approved it.

It will continue its work next Saturday morning, God willing.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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