WNC condemns kidnapping of activist al-Hammadi

The Women's National Committee (WNC) in Marib province has condemned the crime of kidnapping human rights activist Amatullah al-Hammadi from her house in Marib city by the mercenaries of the aggression.

In its statement, the committee considered the kidnapping incident a blatant attack and a despicable act that contradicts the customs of the Yemeni society, the principles of Islam, and the international laws that enhance the status of women.

The committee confirmed the incident is one of a series of crimes and violations pursued by the aggression and its mercenaries against civilians and women in the city of Marib.

It monitored dozens of cases of arbitrary arrest and illegal raids committed on flimsy pretexts that show the immorality of the aggression and its mercenaries.

The Committee called on the United Nations and human rights and humanitarian organizations to assume their responsibilities in protecting vulnerable groups and put pressure on the aggression to stop arbitrary arrests and violations against civilians.

Source: Yemen News Agency