YEMAC: Yemenis’ suffering due to aggression’s bombs is indescribable

SANA’A, Apr. 05 (Saba) – Director General of Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC) Ali Safra has said the humanitarian catastrophe the Yemeni people suffering from is indescribable.

The US-Saudi aggression’s projectiles were dropped all over the country’s cities, farms, water wells, roads, and residential neighborhoods, claiming the civilians’ lives, he said in an event organized by the National Mine Action Committee (NMAC) and the YEMAC on the occasion of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, held on Sunday in the capital Sana’a.

The aggression’s cluster bombs killed at least 1062 civilians, including 100 children, and wounded 3,700 civilians, Safra stated.

He pointed out al-Quraisheya district in Bayda province alone, since the beginning of this year, has recorded about 90 victims and the death of 50 head of livestock.

The aggression coalition has launched over 2,500 airstrikes with cluster bombs on Yemen, using 15 different types of the bombs.

Safrah said around 50,000 farms were affected by the remnants of the aggression’s cluster bombs in three districts of Jawf province, indicating 5,000 hectares of agricultural lands were affected by the bombs’ remnants in only Matoun district.

YEMAC executive director call for the United Nations Resident Representative in Yemen, the Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and the international and local organizations to provide the necessary equipment required to enable the YEMAC to save the lives of civilians and clear their lands.

Source: Yemen News Agency