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SANAA, An official source in the ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Friday the last statements issued by the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which he affirmed the US continued support to the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition which Washington refuses to limit it.

The official condemned in son statement to Saba the accusation by Pompeo to the National powers in Sanaa to delay the implementation of Sweden agreement.

He affirmed that those statements are not surprising to be issued by the US administration, supreme leader to the coalition and as apart involved in war crimes of mass killing against the Yemeni people stills as it was the essential reason behind what is happening in Yemen.

The official added that such statements are issued in the context of covering the withdrawal of the other party of which was agreed upon in Stockholm, either in which concerns Hodeidah province or prisoners' exchange or even Taiz understandings.

The official added that such statements did not serve at all the efforts exerted by the the Envoy of Secretary-General of the U. N. in Yemen , which reflect the US intention to extend the war and doubling the magnitude of the unprecedented humanitarian crises in country.

The official called on the US administration to consider the congress stance in favor of stopping the US support to Yemen, praising the stance of House of Representatives and Senate which express the US people's willing.

The official called on the US administration to review their policies in Yemen which will not lead only to more of hatred feeling toward the US people in Yemen and the region.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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