The Yemeni National Army units, and the people's resistance, with the support of the Arab Coalition air forces, have continued to comb the city of Al Mokha, to the west of Taez, for remnants of the Houthi and Saleh militias.

The Yemeni News Agency, quoting a military source, said that, the army managed to secure the Mokha-Taez road, and cut off supplies to Mowazi province, which was under the control of the militias.

The battles continue on the Eastern and Northern entrances to the city, as the remnants of the militias have fallen apart and are fleeing towards Al Hudaida, through the coastal area of Al Khoukha.

Many of these militias were wounded or killed, the source said.

The source confirmed that army soldiers had surrounded the remaining elements of the militias, in the middle of Al Mokha, while the Army's engineering groups, continued to dismantle the landmines that were planted by fleeing militias, from areas of the city, where they had been located.