Yemen is still providing humanitarian support for refugees: NCRA

SANA'A, Mar. 10 (Saba) - The country is still providing the humanitarian support for the refugees in accordance with the available capacities, the National Committee for Refugees' Affairs (NCRA) said Wednesday.

The country's humanitarian capacities currently are scarce due to the aggression and siege imposed on Yemen for over six years that led to the worst humanitarian crisis.

In a statement issued by the committee regarding an unfortunate fire incident at an immigrant shelter in Sana'a, the NCRA said that it is following up the findings of the investigation, which is still underway.

The shelter is for the illegal immigrants and supervised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in coordination with the Immigration and Passports, Authority in the capital Sana'a.

The NCRA said that the police, firefighter and rescue teams have made made their utmost efforts to save immigrants' lives, stressing that without their valuable effirts the numbers of the victims would be higher.

The government and all relevant authorities in Sana'a have made numerous appeals to the international community, humanitarian organizations, and the origin countries, urging them to share responsibilities and the burdens of hosting the continuing influx of illegal immigrants, the statement read.

They also repeatedly called for joint coordination with the relevant international organizations and origin countries to help addressing the huge numbers of immigrants flowing into the country, such as strengthening mechanisms of border control and providing economic support packages to the origin countries and other solutions to reduce illegal migration.

"There was no effective or responsible response to these calls", the NCRA said, adding instead, the relevant international organizations represented by the IOM have stopped any joint efforts aimed at returning the migrants to their countries despite their repeated demands and appeals.

The IOM has not showed any cooperation regarding the Yemen's request to provide adequate and safe accommodation and collection centers for illegal immigrants, the NCRA said.

The committee also confirmed its commitment to follow up the results of the investigation on the causes of the fire and to work in accordance with conscience and legal duty.

The Commission renewed its appeal to the United Nations and all humanitarian organizations working in Yemen to raise the level of assistance to refugees and to cooperate to improve their conditions.

Source: Yemen News Agency