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SANAA, A member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said, The Yemeni people doesn't get worried about increasing the US troops in the Middle East.

Al-Houthi added It would be better for Trump, his administration, to send out plans for joint coexistence, equal citizenship and democracy, instead of sending more thousands of US military personnel and war and destruction for their allies or free people to the Middle East region.

The member affirmed that the United States should surprise the world by changing its aggressive policy, which made of itself the world's discontent and loss, as Trump talked that they lost because of their wrong decision.

Al-Houthi said that the US officials should have told the US people even once that they learned the war lesson from Vietnam, Iraq or in Yemen, and that their wars did not any results.

He added the US administration should confront the American people with the fact that everyone knows that increasing the number of its troops does not mean victory.

The US withdrawal from the lines of contact with Iran in Syria does not mean repositioning from Saudi Arabia, Al-Houthi confirmed. Renewing that the allegations of confrontation with Iran from Saudi Arabia was exposed.

Al-Houth, addressing the US president and his administration, said,Our Yemeni people, who not are intimidated by your former forces, your weapons and your leadership of aggression, which proved that the US kills the Yemeni people.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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