The Government of Yemen has termed a UN statement on the humanitarian, economic and financial conditions in the country as 'unfair and inaccurate.'

In a statement carried by the Yemeni official news agency today, the government regretted that the statement made by Jamie McGoldrick, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, contained inaccurate information about the humanitarian situation in the country.

''While showing concern for the well-being of the Yemeni people, the statement should have been fair (and should have) confirmed the fact that violence in Yemen was a result of the bloody coup, frequent aggression and grave and systematic violations committed by the Houthi militias and forces loyal to defunct president Ali Abdullah Saleh, against the Yemeni people,'' the government's statement emphasised.

Ironically, the statement noted that McGoldrick pointed out the depletion of foreign currency reserves in the Central Bank, but failed to point a finger of blame as to who did that. Over the recent months, the Houthi militias and forces loyal to defunct president Ali Abdullah Saleh have systematically seized and robbed the Central Bank funds and left the state coffers bankrupt, without considering the dire consequences of such actions for the country's economy.

The statement underscored the government's commitment to the international humanitarian law and human rights and reiterated its desire to end the violence. ''Violence will stop when the reason behind it - the coup against the legitimate government - will vanish.'' The statement also reaffirmed the government's keenness to reach a political solution that ends the rebellion against the legitimate government, and also noted its acceptance of the UN proposal for bringing peace, security and stability to Yemen, an objective which was refused by the rebels.

Source: Nam News Network