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ADEN, Yemen- Forces of the National Army of Yemen, restored communication towers at Khalid bin Al Walid camp, in Western Taiz today.

According to the Yemeni News Agency, the artillery of the first unit of the National Army's 22nd Brigade, on the eastern front of the province of Taiz, destroyed an armoured vehicle belonging to the militia near Al Tashreefat camp, while noting that guns from the National Army targeted and killed a militia sniper, near Al Tashreefat gate.

On a related note, army artillery units fired on positions in the high areas of Al Sallal and Al Turky, behind central security forces and the Softel high area, succeeding in neutralising these positions, after being used by the militias to bombard residential areas on the eastern front.

Mawzea Directorate in western Taiz, witnessed the disintegration of the lines of pro-coup militias, and the death of eight gunmen, including Houthi leaders, while a brigade from Al Waziya joined the National Army and the coalition, east of Mokha yesterday, in preparation for a large military offensive.

The agency stated that the brigade included officers who served in the Khaled bin Al Walid camp, who will be responsible for uncovering hideouts and mine clearing operations in the camp.

The National Army forces in the governorate of Saada on the Bokka front, managed to recapture the mountains of Salatae in the northern part of the governorate, after heavy clashes in the area with Houthi and Saleh militias.

Coalition Air Force fighter aircraft also destroyed reinforcements of the pro-coup militias, on their way to the Al-Bakkae front from Saada Governorate, leading to the deaths and injuries of more than 60 pro-militia fighters.


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