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The Yemeni cabinet stressed that, the promise of victory over the militia coup is imminent, after completion of clearing the majority of the provinces and regions of their control.

The Council stressed in a statement, in obituary for the martyrdom of Qatari soldiers, Mohammed Awad Salim, Mohammed Daoud Khayal and Mohammed Nasser Mohammed, that the great sacrifices offered by the heroes of soldiers, from the Arab-led coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia, next to their brothers of the popular resistance and the Yemeni army, reflect cohesion of the brave and united Arab position, in the face of greed and intrigue.

The Yemeni statement, carried by the Yemeni news agency, noted that, the Qatari soldiers were killed, while performing their duties, in defence of their fellow Yemenis and their dream project, to restore the state hijacked by militias of rebellion and the coup, along with their predecessors' martyrs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the rest of the coalition countries, who had embodied the symbol, a headline to sacrifice, redemption for the unity and cohesion of the nation and its steadfastness, in the face of greedy targets, and their memory will remain immortal, in the minds of the Arab world, as heroes who wrote their honourable history, in blood, on the historical record, thus it will last long.


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