September 19, 2021

Yemeni Comes Second in Taw Luah Kung Fu World Championship

Our national team for Kung Fu won second place in the 4th Taw Luah Kung Fu World Championships, hosted in Xi’an city in central China between 16th to 21st October, in which 84 states participated.

Despite the participation of our team with only three players, they managed to snatch six medals, out of which three silver and three bronze, which accumulatively enabled them to win second place.

Yemeni competitor Yousof Al-Khodhari won a silver in the Taiji Sword competition and a bronze in the Taiee style.

The pair Sultan Al-Yamani and Saddam Al-Rahoomi won two silver medals in the hand-to-hand sparring, and also winning two bronze medals. One bronze was won by Al-Rahoomi for his performance in Hawk style, and another for Al-Yamani in the Chain style.

Therefore, the three players of Kung Fu secured an impressive world achievement, adding to Yemeni Kung Fu achievements in Arab and Asian markets, enabling them to enter the international stardom in the sport.

Captain Nabil Al-Jaefi confirmed to National Yemen newspaper that our national team prepared well for the tournament through an internal camp of more than three months with the aim of ensuring a solid performance in the tough competitions.

“Due to the high prices and the high living conditions in China, the number of the team players was reduced to only three players. We have been confident of entering a strong team and, Thanks to God, they have achieved what they were required, at which 82 other states, each with more than ten players, failed to achieve,” he said.