ADEN, Yemen- The Yemeni government forces, beefed up military presence in Hodeidah, as part of preparations for a wide-scale offensive, against the Houthis in the Red Sea coastal city. Heavy reinforcements of the southern pro-government Giants Brigades, kept arriving in Hodeidah, as the Yemeni government, backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, is bracing to expel Houthis from the strategic city.

An army commander of the government forces told Xinhua by phone that, "more military gears with many newly-recruited soldiers arrived in the front-line areas in Hodeidah, and began preparations for zero hour." The army units arrived from Aden and other government-controlled provinces, with maximum readiness to storm Houthi-held areas, especially the areas located near the strategic port of Hodeidah.

There is high coordination and contact with high-ranking officials of the Saudi-led coalition, he revealed, saying, government forces are waiting for orders from Yemen's Presidency, to liberate the whole province of Hodeidah.

Another officer of the pro-government forces confirmed to Xinhua that, warships of the Saudi-led coalition will participate by a naval military operation, to support the final push, aimed at seizing Hodeidah.

"Intensified air strikes and naval bombardment will be launched, to destroy the Houthi-controlled sites and provide support for the ground troops in the forthcoming battle," the officer said. Meanwhile, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels started consolidating their positions in an anticipation for a major confrontation with the government forces, backed by forces from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A source close to the Houthi group said, scores of soldiers belonging to well-trained battalions named as "Death Battalions," arrived in Hodeidah to confront the "invading forces." Observers based in Aden said, a major military operation is looming on the horizon, as UAE-backed Yemeni government forces received hundreds of armoured vehicles, amid preparations to seize the strategic Red Sea coastal city.


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