RIYADH, The Yemeni government has hailed the role of the UAE and the Arab coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia in supporting the legitimacy, citing the sacrifices being made by the Yemeni people to put an end to the coup militias, score the final victory and restore the legitimate government.

The Yemeni news agency, Saba, quoted Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, while presiding over a meeting of the National Defence Council, as saying there is a need for all to fulfill their national and constitutional responsibilities in protecting the country and maintaining the security and stability in the various liberated areas.

He called for encouraging the national army and popular resistance to achieve victories over the coup forces ,and put an end to the siege, crimes and blatant assaults on the defenceless and innocent citizens in areas that are still under the coup militias' control.

Hadi stressed the importance of good performance and full commitment to working to establish security and public tranquility.

He noted that the leaders should coordinate in order to achieve the desired goals, protect public interests and reassure citizens and society.

The attendees discussed the latest developments in the Yemen and coordination with the coalition countries, notably Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which stand out and offer sacrifices, along with the Yemeni people to restore the legitimacy.

They took a number of decisions related to the important political and field situation.

Hadi praised the success of the Humanitarian Relief Conference on Yemen, held in Geneva with the Swiss-Swedish coordination, during which the international community affirmed its political support for the legitimacy and its efforts to normalise the situation in the country.