Yemeni Houthis Will Release Seized Ship If It Belongs To South Korea

SANAA, Yemen's Houthi rebels said, they will release captured vessel, if it belongs to South Korea, but after legal procedures.

Our forces are inspecting the seized ship, to make sure it belongs to the countries of aggression (Saudi-led coalition) or to South Korea we will release the ship along with its crew, if it belongs to South Korea, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the Houthi revolutionary committee, said on Twitter.

The Yemeni government said, a South Korean ship, along with two boats were captured by Houthi rebels, off the Red Sea Yemeni island of Kamaran.

Also, the Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthi militia of hijacking a vessel south of the Red Sea.

The incident was reported on Sunday evening and targeted Rabigh 3 vessel, that was towing a drilling rig owned by a South Korean company, the Saudi Press Agency quoted Col. Turki Al Maliki, the spokesman for the coalition, as saying in a statement.

Source: Nam News Network