Director of the Human Rights for Yemen from London Kolthoom Ba-Alawi said on Sunday that lawyers are planning to bring proceedings against different countries involved in the war against Yemen.

In an interview with IRNA on the sidelines of International Conference to support Yemeni people on Sunday, Ba-Alawi explained on the importance of the conference and said, 'We were trying to have a conference on this scale for about a year and a half, from the beginning of the aggression against Yemen; however we did not have the opportunity to put this together because our financial resources are severely limited.

'Also we Yemenis in London are a minority that are against this war; majority are people who are purchased by petro dollars and will say and do whatever the Saudi regime wants them to say and do.

'Our aim in this conference was to invite many international high profile figures to come here and see what's happening, to share the grief of the people of Yemen and to think a way forward of how we can support the victims of this war.

'We also had a workshop yesterday where professionals got together and considered options having seen the evidence of what's going on in Yemen and they came up with recommendations of what could be done.

'One of the good things that came out of this workshop was the declaration and this declaration is demanding that the UN impose the international humanitarian laws immediately in relation to Yemen.

'Yemen is an independent sovereign state and has instituted its supreme political council to govern the country; so there is no political vacuum for anyone to intervene.

Millions of Yemenis came to San'a yesterday to show their support for the institution of the supreme political council to govern Yemen.

'This leaves the Saudi regime and its allies with no excuse whatsoever that they can meddle with the affairs of Yemen.

'Yemen has democratically chosen to determine its own future and it has this right guaranteed by the Geneva Convention; so we are demanding that this right be upheld and complied with by all parties.

'Yemeni lawyers are planning to bring proceedings against different countries involved in this war against Yemen. Bringing to justice against those who are responsible for the crimes against Yemen.

'We believe that there is a scope for bringing Saudi regime to justice.

The route is very long and it does need a lot of funding, but we know it is doable.'

Asked if the conference has been successful, Ba-Alawi said, 'We tried our best to present the situation of Yemen in the best possible way which we have done.People are very moved by what they saw.

'A lot of people have left their contact details with me, volunteering to work with us and to support us and do what they can.

'That gives me the impression that perhaps there is a measure of success here.'

To a question about countries which have contributed to the conference, Ba Alawi said, 'Up to twenty countries have taken part in this conference including: Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, USA, Canada, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Somalia, Iran, Britain.

'Also the Chairman of the panel is a US national. He is a professor from US university.

On her opinion about Saudi's regime being elected as the chair of UN Human Rights Council, the Yemeni activist said,'We clearly objected to that. Whenever I get the opportunity, I do not hesitate to show my objection.

'You do not put a serial killer in charge of a community but this is what the UN has done by placing Saudi in the Human Rights Council.

'But from the background, I have heard that it was Britain who has lobbied to give the Saudi regime the seat. I feel ashamed that Britain has found it to be OK to shame the UN and themselves.'

To a question why western countries support Saudi regime, Ba-Alawi said, 'The explanation given by the people from Western defense departments is usually because of defense contracts.

'Also West needs to have an influence in the Middle East and the Muslim world. So, if you wanted to have control of the Muslim world, the easiest way would be via the country that hosts Mecca and Medina.

'Saudi regime supplies terrorism to the world in return the world has to fight that terrorism and other people get to sell weapons; this is the reality that's happening. Otherwise how can you associate with the royal regime of Saudi.