Yemeni News Agency Saba mourns board chairman Mohamed Al Mansour

SANA’A, Yemen’s official news agency Saba condoled chairman, Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Yahiya al-Mansour, who died today after a struggle with the disease.
The Yemeni press family lost one of the most important pens that defended the country in the darkest circumstances in which the country was subjected to barbaric aggression and a barbaric siege, the agency said in a statement on Friday.
Saba called the press center and Yemeni media the departure of this media figure, which lost Yemen by the departure of one of its most important flags.
The statement stopped, in the face of the exploits of the late writings, which represent a beacon for generations to defend noble national values.
The statement enumerated al-Mansour virtues deceased and his characteristic during his press, literary and administrative experience.
As the Agency under his administration had achieved many achievements and qualitative transfers in the development of journalistic performance, most notably the launch of a third foreign language along with English and French.

Source: Yemen News Agency