September 19, 2021

Yemeni Photographer Nominated for National Geographic Competition

National Yemen

Yemeni photographer Abdul-Aziz Omar

By National Yemen

The Yemeni photographer Abdul-Aziz Omar was nominated to the last stage of the competition of photographs organized by the Arabic National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel.  The competition is held under the name “Narrated Photos” and the winning photo will be shown on the channel of National Geographic alongside National Geographic magazine.

According to the organizers, the photo winning the first prize will also be shown on the National Yemen Channel and the National Yemen magazine. In addition to this, the winner of the first prize will get a basket of $5,000 worth of photographing supplies and books.

Photos winning the second and third prize will be shown on the National Geographic channel and will the photographers will receive $2,500 in photographing supplies and books.

The photos are required to express topics related to life, like flying birds or sunset. The challenge does not require high professionalism when photographing, rather it requires simplicity and honesty that express life itself.

It is worth mentioning that photographer Abdul-Aziz is considered to be one of few professional photographers at the Yemeni news agency.