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The Yemeni president, Abdo Rabbo Mansur Hadi, confirmed continuation of serious efforts by the legitimate government towards peace, pointing out to concessions made by the government, in this regard, during various legs of peace talks and positive approach of the legitimate authority, towards peace determinants and options, based on the international legitimacy, including the UN Resolution No. 2216, the Gulf states' initiative, with its executive mechanism, and the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue.

This came during a meeting held here today, as he chaired the advisory body, devoted to stand in front of the latest developments in the political field and on various levels.

The president added that, "The concessions offered by the government come from the national and humanitarian responsibilities towards our country and our people, though unfortunately, the putschists did not show interest in these resolutions of the international community, instead, they, arrogantly challenged them, by rejecting to implement them, in sheer stance to apply intrusive agenda and exposed goals and objectives."


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