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SANAA, Tribes of Yemen denounced the continuation of the aggression crimes, the latest of bombing of a citizen’s house in Washha district in Hajjah province, killing children and women from one family and injuring others in an initial toll.
The aggression coalition’s airstrike resulted in the killing of six women and four children, and injuring of a man and a woman, in an initial toll, a security official told Saba.
As, the Supreme Council for the Administration and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation has condemned the continued Saudi-led aggression coalition’s targeting of civilians, the latest of which was the bombing of a citizen’s house in Washha district in Hajjah province.
In a statement, Saba got a copy of it, the Supreme Council considered this crime to be added to the series of crimes committed by the Aggression Coalition on an almost daily basis against civilians who are entitled to protection under international humanitarian law.
For his part, Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights has condemned the crime carried out by the US-Saudi aggression aircraft against a civilian’s house in Washha district in Hajjah province.
The ministry said in a statement, said that the aggression States continued to kill women and children in light of the silence and the flagrant absence of the humanitarian conscience of the United Nations, its organizations, and its envoy for Yemen.
The statement stressed that aggression states commit these crimes because they are confident that the United Nations and its organizations intentionally turn a blind eye to such crimes and also are indifferent to crimes and violations against the Yemeni people.
It held the States of aggression fully legally and criminally responsible for this crime, calling on humanitarian organizations to carry out their humanitarian, human rights, and legal responsibilities towards this crime and all crimes committed against the Yemeni people, and its capabilities.
The Human Rights Ministry’s statement held the aggression countries Full criminal and legal responsibility for this crime, calling on humanitarian organizations to carry out their human responsibilities and human and legal rights towards this crime and all crimes committed against the Yemeni people and its capabilities.
It called for a speedy investigation of all crimes committed by the Aggression Coalition since 2015.
Meanwhile, the Parliament strongly condemned the continual crimes of Saudi-led aggression coalition against Yemeni people, the latest of which was targeting of a citizen’s house in Washha district of Hajjah province.
In its session, the Parliament affirmed that the international silence and the policy of double standards contributed to the aggression coalition countries’ persistence in killing women and children and committing more crimes in Yemen, which makes the United Nations and all its affiliates involved in these massacres.
The Parliament members considered these massacres and crimes a stain on the forehead of the international institutions that are supposed to stand by the victims, not in the ranks of the executioner and killer of children and women.
They called for a speedy investigation into all documented crimes as war crimes that do not lapse by statute of limitations.
In this regard, the House of Representatives addressed a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and a number of heads of Arab and international federations and parliaments and the Human Rights Council, in which it affirmed that the aggression and the blockade on Yemen by the aggression coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE since March 2015 AD, has led to the destruction of infrastructure and all capabilities of the Yemeni people.
The letter explained that the Yemeni people are living the largest humanitarian catastrophe in the world, especially after the spread of the Corona virus in full view of the international community, the Security Council, the United Nations, and international and regional human rights bodies.
The House’s letter confirmed that the Parliament in the capital, Sanaa, is the sole representative of the Yemeni people in all its political, social and cultural segments and spectra, warning against the mercenaries government’s signing any oil and gas contracts and agreements and selling the wealth and capabilities of the Yemeni people under any name.
An official at the Foreign Ministry also, in Sana strongly condemned the continuation of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s crimes against civilians, houses and public utilities, the most recent of which was targeting of a citizen’s house in Hajjah .
The official pointed out in a statement that this crime comes shortly after the date of the decision of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to remove the name of the aggression coalition from the blacklist of violators of children’s rights, which confirms that this decision is not correct and needed to be reviewed.
He called on the international community, topped by the Security Council, the states sponsoring the settlement in Yemen, and the Human Rights Council to abandon the policy of double standards in dealing with the human rights file in Yemen, condemn this crime, press Saudi Arabia to stop its crimes, and form an independent international committee to investigate it and the rest of crimes committed since March 26, 2015.
The official emphasized that the international silence applied to the crimes committed in Yemen, the prevalence of interests over humanitarian principles and the provision of weapons to Saudi Arabia gives the coalition the green light to continue in its aggression against Yemen disregarding all international treaties, customs and laws.
The official noted that while the National Salvation Government emphasizes its natural and legitimate right to self-defense, it reaffirms its commitment to achieving a just and honorable peace that ends the aggression and blockade and achieves security and stability for Yemen and the region in general.
The tribes denounced the shameful international silence towards the crimes against the innocent civilians on neighborhoods, homes, and farms without respect for protected civilian objects.
The Yemeni Tribes called for more steadfastness and cohesion to continue to support battlefields in order to thwart the plans of aggression and its mercenaries and drop the aggression’s projects that threaten the social fabric.
The statement stressed that this horrific crime against civilians is a war crime and a clear violation of international and humanitarian laws, moral and humanitarian values and principles.
They held the States of the aggression coalition the consequences of the crimes that affect civilians, calling on the United Nations to fulfill its humanitarian duty to protect civilians, homes, and civilian installations and pressure the aggression countries to stop the aggression’s crimes against Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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