SANAA, The Yemeni tribes on Friday reaffirmed their support for the Palestinian issue and stand side by side with the Palestinians against the Israeli military occupation as well as all issues, peoples, and tribes of the free resistant Islamic nation.
In a statement issued by the Tribal Popular Cohesion Council, Saba got a copy of it, the Yemeni tribes rejected and denounced all the conspiracies and projects of the US and Zionist normalization represented by the Shameful ‘deal of century, and what has been preceded it.
The statement blessed the programs and practical steps announced by the leaders of the Resistance Axis during their conference on Wednesday which represent an important road map to advance towards safeguarding the central issue of the Islamic nation to liberate the holy sites and Palestinian lands.
The statement indicated that the International Day of al-Quds is an important occasion to enhance the brotherhood among the nations and prop up the cohesion and unity among the people of the nation as well.
The statement called on al-Quds day to be historical station to enlighten for mobilization the public towards the liberation of all lands and holy sites.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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