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ADEN, Yemeni troops launched an operation and captured three militants linked to the Daesh group, in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, on Sunday, a police official said.

The UAE-backed anti-terror troops, raided a building, after getting intelligence tips about the presence of militants and criminals, belonging to the Daesh in Aden province, the local police source said.

According to the details, three Daesh-linked militants were seized, along with a large amount of grenades and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from the targeted building.

"High-tech cameras, apparently used by the Daesh drive-by shooters, computers, TNT and C-4 explosives were confiscated by the troops," the source said.

Other security sources confirmed that, "a well-trained team of the Daesh militants, responsible for conducting drive-by shootings and assassinations in Aden, was caught this morning."

The Yemeni police sources, said that, the arrested were involved in several incidents of terrorism and assassinations of military commanders in Aden.

The captured militants have been shifted to undisclosed locations, supervised by the Saudi-led coalition, where they are undergoing investigation.

Yemeni government forces and intelligence agencies are on high alert and have sped up security raids in Aden, to abort any imminent terrorist attacks.


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