September 27, 2021

Yemenis demand an end aggression

SANAA, The Yemeni people demanded that all parties in the embattled country, in particular the aggression coalition, immediately and unconditionally end violence and refrain from further unilateral actions that threatened the political transition.

The Foreign Ministry also in the Yemeni capital Sanaa called on the Security Council to approve resolution ending aggression and blockade on Yemen .

In its memorandum to the Security Council the ministry emphasized that the time has come for the Security Council to assume its responsibilities towards Yemen, because what is happening in the country threatens international peace and security.

Foreign Ministry added that Security Council should stopping the aggression, lifting the blockade, restrictions on the entry of goods and opening ports and airports, foremost of which is the Sanaa International Airport, taking measures to stop the economic collapse, stabilize the national currency, pay the salaries of employees throughout Yemen and the resumption of peace consultations under the auspices of the UN Envoy.

"Making decisions that are not comprehensive and do not meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people, do not amount to the suffering they are suffering and do not reflect the new changes, will not contribute to peace in Yemen," Ministry said.

Mohammed al-Houthi said they called for that halt "in support of the UN envoy's efforts and to prove goodwill."

The secretary-general stressed that the U.N.'s immediate priority is to stop the bombing in populated areas and preserve critical infrastructure including in the key port of Hodeida, the main entry point for international aid and 70 percent of food imports that Yemen relies on.

It is very important that no missiles or other forms of aggression are sent against , and it's very important to stop bombing in urban areas, and it's very important to preserve basic infrastructure, the U.N. chief said.

He said the United Nations is seeing more and more countries engaged in helping to create conditions for the warring parties to understand not only the need for a cessation of hostilities but for serious political discussions.

That's the only thing that can bring peace back to Yemen, he stressed.

Source: Yemen News Agency