September 19, 2021

YemenNet to reduce internet prices by more 55%

National Yemen

Minister of Telcommunicationa and IT

Trustworthy sources have reported that YemenNet, in accordance with directions from the Minister of Telecommunications, will offer new prices for home internet services in the new year.

The new prices will likely be as follows:

512 kilobyte speed with 11gigabyte for 1800 YR

1 mega byte speed with 15 gigabyte for 3000 YR

2 mega byte speed with 20 gigabyte for 4500YR

4 megabyte speed with 30 gigabyte for 7500YR

Sources have attributed the cost reduction to lowered costs around the world, which created a sharp contrast with Yemen’s high internet costs.

“There will be 55% discount in general,” added one source.