ADEN, Yemen- Offensives and counter-offensives between Yemeni warring rivals gained momentum, just hours after the announcement of the failure of the UN-sponsored negotiations in Geneva. According to military officials, scores were killed and many others injured, in different parts of Yemen over the past 24 hours, as both government forces and Houthis resumed armed operations, amid intensified air strikes.

In the Red Sea coastal city of Hodeidah, medical sources confirmed that, high casualties were recorded, in the non-stop ground fighting and air strikes. Initial reports from hospitals, controlled by the Shiite Houthis, showed more than 52 Houthi rebels killed and many others sustained injuries, during the ongoing fighting in Hodeidah.

Meanwhile, similar reports revealed by government-run medical centres indicated that 20 soldiers were killed and nearly 15 others injured, in battles with Iran-backed Houthis in the city. Casualties are likely to increase in the next few hours, as fighting expanded to more areas there, said local sources.

A commander of the pro-government Giant Brigades, said that, Houthi fighters were being besieged in Hodeidah, amid ground attacks and Saudi-led air bombardment on their sites. "A number of areas were recaptured by government forces, with more than 13 Houthi fighters captured during the fighting," the commander said.

Supply lines linking the Houthi-controlled capital, Sanaa, and Hodeidah, were all cut by government forces, the military source added. However, sources close to the Houthi group dismissed the pro-government claim as inaccurate, saying, war planes of the Saudi-led coalition launched more than 40 air strikes and randomly destroyed infrastructure in Hodeidah.

The Houthi rebels confronted the government offensives by firing a barrage of mortar shells against their military sites in Hodeidah, causing an unknown number of casualties, the Houthi sources noted.


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