HODEIDAH, Yemen- Yemen's fishing sector has resumed its activities, restoring a major source of livelihood for its citizens, as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition's efforts, to retake the strategic port of Hodeidah from Iranian-backed Houthi militias, and to restore stability in liberated areas of Yemen's Red Sea Coast.

For many Yemenis in Hodeidah and its surrounding areas, fishing is the main source of livelihood. Coalition Forces are collaborating with Yemeni citizens to rebuild fisheries and port infrastructure - including a fish market - that were destroyed by the Houthi militias. These initiatives will help restore economic stability for many individuals and their families in Hodeidah.

Dawood Dobla, Head of the Al Khawkhah District's fish landing centre, said that, during the Houthi occupation, fishing operations on Yemen's Red Sea Coast were at a complete halt. "Fishermen were unable to go fishing and therefore, could not provide for their families' needs," he added.

Dobla went on to say that the Arab Coalitions efforts to restore the fishing industry is highly welcomed by citizens. Ahmed Fatini, a Yemeni fisherman, thanked the Coalition Forces for their continued operations, to liberate Yemen from Houthi militias, adding that, residents suffered greatly during Houthi occupation.

Arab Coalition Forces introduced a registration system for Yemen's Red Sea Coast fishermen.

The system allows for registration mechanisms, to ensure proper licensing of fishing boats.