September 24, 2021


Yemen's dominant Shiite Houthi rebels, on Wednesday, denied reports, alleging that government forces have captured al-Buqa border crossing.

The denial came in a rebel statement, which said, the reports were "baseless" and attempting to make "illusive victories," adding that, the rebel army had repelled advancing of forces loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

According to the statement, government forces suffered heavy losses "among the mercenaries and (of) their military equipment, including six armoured vehicles and two tanks."

It further claimed that, the rebel army has complete control of the crossing point, and is ready to confront any further advancing attempt.

Earlier in the day, pro-government media reported that, the forces loyal to the exiled president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, seized control of al-Buqa, the crossing point at the southern Saudi border, which is about 100 km south of the Saudi province of Najran, and some 150 km north of Houthi main stronghold Yemeni province of Saada.

The report did not give details about the clashes or casualties.

According to both Saudi and Yemeni official media, Houthi rebels, backed by forces loyal to former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, have been fighting Saudi troops deep inside Najran, as well as, Saudi provinces of Asir and Jizan, since the war started 19 months ago.

Houthis stormed the capital Sanaa in Sept, 2014, fighting against what they called a corrupt government.

They seized Sanaa and a large part of the northern areas, forcing Hadi and his government to flee into exile.

The Saudi-led coalition launched a military air campaign against the Houthis and Saleh's forces on Mar 26, 2015, aiming to restore Hadi to power and recapture the capital. The attempt is not yet successful.

The coalition air strikes and ground battles have since killed over 10,000 Yemenis, mostly children and women, injuring around 35,000 and displacing another three million, according to the UN reports.