SANAA, Yemen- Yemen's Houthi rebels said, they fired several ballistic missiles towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh on Sunday, while Saudi media reported the interception of one missile.

In a statement, the rebels said, they fired several missiles, aimed at an information centre of the Saudi defence ministry and other royal targets in Riyadh.

The rebels did not specify an exact number of the missiles or the name of the three other Saudi royal targets.

Meanwhile, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television reported that, the Saudi air defences intercepted one missile over Riyadh and destroyed it. The television did not report further details.

The Houthi missile attack was the latest in a series of frequent attacks against various areas in the kingdom, with the majority of the missiles reportedly intercepted.

The attack comes as fighting escalates between the Iranian-allied Houthi rebels and pro-government Yemeni troops, supported by the Saudi-led coalition, in the Yemeni Red Sea port city of Hodeidah. The coalition-backed troops have been advancing slowly into the centre of the rebel-held city, in attempts to capture it, after seizing control of the airport from the rebels last week.

The military action forced thousands of residents to flee their homes, as humanitarian agencies have warned of the most anticipated humanitarian catastrophe in modern history, if the armies move ahead to storm the city.

The coalition aimed to deprive the Houthi movement of their solo vital sea port. Saudi Arabia accuses them of smuggling in Iranian missile technology and weapons, through the port, which are denied by both the Houthis and Iran.