Yemen’s Houthis Seize Three Ships, One Belongs To Saudi Arabia

SANAA, Yemen's Houthi rebels said, they seized a Saudi ship, along with two other vessels, in Yemeni waters, about 4.83 km off Uqban Island, on the Red Sea, Houthi TV, al-Masirah, reported.

The ships, including the Saudi ship, named Rabigh 3, were moved to Salif port, for legal procedures, the television cited a statement by the Houthi-run coast guards as saying, without identifying the other vessels.

The statement comes, hours after a senior Houthi official said, his group was checking the seized ships.

Our forces are inspecting the seized ship, to make sure if it belongs to the Saudi-led coalition or to South Korea we will release the ship, along with its crew, if it belongs to South Korea, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the Houthi revolutionary committee, said.

Yesterday, the Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthi militia of hijacking a vessel, south of the Red Sea.

The incident was reported on Sunday evening, and targeted Rabigh 3, that was towing a drilling rig, owned by a South Korean company, the Saudi Press Agency quoted Saudi Spokesman, Turki Al Maliki, as saying.

Source: Nam News Network