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SANAA, Yemen’s Petroleum Company (YPC) warned on Saturday of the danger storing oil derivatives in neighborhoods and homes, describing as a time bomb to threaten the lives of citizens.
Ammar Al-Adhrai, a chief executive officer of the company, said in a statement that most of the oil products sold on black market are not in conformity with specifications and standards, which causes damage and breakdown of vehicles.
He stressed the need to coordinate with the relevant authorities to strengthen security oversight against the black market and offenders of the products who take advantage of the citizens’ need for the oil products,
Al-Adhrai considered the United Nations as a basic partner with the Saudi-led aggression coalition countries to continue to seize 35 oil, gasoline and diesel ships, in a flagrant violation of the international law, and pushed the Yemeni people to the worsening humanitarian crises and starvation.
Regarding the measures taken against the aggression coalition because of seizing oil derivative ships, Al-Adhari indicated that the Oil Ministry would submitted an integrated file to the Attorney General against the Economic Committee of the aggression mercenaries y due to the heavy losses resulting from delay in the entry of oil derivative ships to Hodeidah port .
He held the United Nations and the aggression coalition countries full responsible for the worsening situation in Yemen as a result of the continued detention of oil derivative ships.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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