SANAA, The Yemen Media Union (YMU) on Friday called to annex all the sites of governmental and private media establishments and institutions within the range of United Nations protected areas, similar to those of international organizations in Yemen.

The Executive Office of the YMU called in a statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, obtained by Saba, the colleagues of the profession to work together towards setting up mechanisms of accountability for the perpetrators of crimes against Yemeni media, the media sector and those who cover their crimes.

It stressed the formation of an independent international commission of inquiry to look into the crimes committed by the US-saudi aggression coalition against the media and to refer the perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.

The statement stressed the need to work to direct the United Nations humanitarian assistance to help pay salaries of employees of the government apparatus, including those affiliated with the official media sector, and urged the various parties to deal with the humanitarian file of salary without procrastination or politicization.

It called to lift the air embargo on Sanaa International Airport to allow the Yemeni and international journalists to travel freely, and to secure the necessary protection for them.

The statement pointed out that the coalition and its tools of mercenaries committed in four years dozens of crimes against journalists and media workers in Yemen, noting that about 243 journalists were killed and 22 others were wounded.

The coalition targeted 30 air and radio broadcasting centers causing total or partial destruction, it stated.

The Yemeni Media Union monitored 6 cases of cloning of satellite channels and internet sites, 8 cases of stopping the broadcasting on satellites Arabsat and Nilesat, 7 cases of blocking and tries to jamming these channels.

It added: "According to the information issued by the Ministry of Information, the coalition has prevented over the past period 143 international journalists from various media outlets from entering Yemen, in addition to travel ban imposed on Sanaa International Airport by the coalition to prevent the travel of dozens of journalists from and to Yemen to limit the impact of the national and humanitarian media message on international public opinion. "

The statement said that the tools of the coalition and the parties of collusion with them have stopped dozens of accounts in the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, claiming that the owners of these accounts are not complying with professional standards.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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